World Nettle Eating Championship Was Held In Britain

World Nettle Eating Championship Was Held In Britain
World Nettle Eating Championship Was Held In Britain

Video: World Nettle Eating Championship Was Held In Britain

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An unusual competition, which took place last Sunday in the British county of Dorset, gathered more than a thousand people who wanted to watch the torment of its participants.

Dubbed the World Stinging Nettle Eating Championship, the competition has once again revealed the most fearless eater of this biting plant, according to British media.

A nettle eating contest has been held in the village of Marshwood near Bridport for over 20 years, since two visitors to a local shop argued over who would eat more stinging leaves. This time, the local pub was packed with a record number of people who wanted to see with their own eyes how 65 participants blush in the fight for the title of "nettle" champion.

According to the participants, to eat nettles requires not only patience but also skill. Twisting the leaves of the plant into dense lumps, you need to put them on the distant molars, and then push them into the throat as quickly as possible, bypassing contact with the oral cavity. The most unpleasant thing is when the lumps unfold right in the mouth, delivering a lot of thrills to the participants.

During the championship, participants are given two feet of nettles (60 cm). After an hour has passed, the judges measure the length of the gnawed stems, and the owner of the highest indicator becomes the champion. This year the honorary title passed to Dorchester resident Mike Hobbs, who managed to chew leaves from stems with a total length of 14.4 meters. Since men and women participate separately in the competition, there were two champions: Mel Lang, who was ahead of her rivals, managed to eat almost as much as M. Hobbs.

"They taste incredibly disgusting, and over the next few days everything looks bright green," said the undisputed nettle champion, 48-year-old Simon Slee, who once ate 22.8 meters of nettle stalks. otherwise everything is fine. You just need to focus and catch the rhythm, and also stock up on beer."

Despite the unpleasant taste and burning sensation, nettle is considered a very healthy plant, rich in iron, potassium, calcium and vitamins. For centuries, nettle leaves have been used by the British to create teas, beers and even compotes, while Italians add nettles to pesto. Nettle soups are no less famous. "This is a truly amazing plant. Many people underestimate it," added S. Slee.

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