When Flowers Are Not Just A Profession And Not Only A Hobby, But A Lifestyle Interview With N.K. Grigorieva

When Flowers Are Not Just A Profession And Not Only A Hobby, But A Lifestyle  Interview With N.K. Grigorieva
When Flowers Are Not Just A Profession And Not Only A Hobby, But A Lifestyle Interview With N.K. Grigorieva
Video: When Flowers Are Not Just A Profession And Not Only A Hobby, But A Lifestyle  Interview With N.K. Grigorieva
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A week later, on May 19, the exhibition "Moscow Green Week - 2010" will open at the All-Russian Exhibition Center in Moscow. For the seventh time, professional growers of planting material and consumers of this production sector will gather to exchange experiences, demonstrate their achievements and establish new business relationships. The director of the Moscow Green Week exhibition, Nadezhda Konstantinovna Grigorieva, has kindly agreed to answer a few questions from the correspondent of our portal.


1 Corr. Nadezhda Konstantinovna, how was the idea of ​​creating the Moscow Green Week exhibition born, who was at its origins?

N.K. The idea of ​​creating the Moscow Green Week exhibition belongs to the team of the Floriculture and Gardening Pavilion of the All-Russian Exhibition Center. It was supported, first of all, by the Government of Moscow, since it was at this time that the implementation of the program for the development of flower decoration in the capital began. The first exhibition was organized in 2004.

2. Corr. What is the main purpose of this event?

N.K. The exhibition is organized for professionals in the field of production of seedlings and planting material of flower and ornamental crops, landscaping urban and suburban areas, production of materials and equipment for landscaping; for consumers of products and services (urban landscaping services, commercial landscaping enterprises, the population). Moscow Green Week is a niche exhibition for growers and consumers of seedlings and planting material of flowers and ornamental plants, where organizers strive to represent this market sector as fully as possible, not only Russian, but also foreign.

The main objectives of the exhibition:

- showing the priority directions for the development of landscaping and flower decoration in the city of Moscow;

- popularization and promotion of modern techniques of flower decoration and landscaping of territories;

- training specialists in the technological features of the production of modern varieties, crops and materials, their use in landscaping urban areas;

- establishing contacts between producers and consumers of goods and services in the field of urban and private landscaping.


3. Corr. What products and technologies will be presented at this exhibition?

N.K. The main thematic sections of our exhibition:

Seedlings and planting material for landscaping urban and suburban facilities, summer cottages, loggias, balconies.

Demonstration of techniques for vertical and container design of territories, an assortment of plants, designs for vertical flower beds, pots, pots, irrigation systems for vertical and container gardening.

Small architectural forms for urban objects and private gardens.

Garden lighting systems.

Fountains and equipment for them, irrigation systems.

Winter gardens and equipment for them.

Soils, fertilizers, plant protection and care products.

4. Corr. Which companies can take part in this exhibition project?

N.K. Enterprises, organizations, farms, firms of any form of ownership engaged in the cultivation of planting material and landscaping of urban and suburban areas, as well as companies that produce and sell accompanying materials and equipment for ornamental gardening, floriculture and landscape design are invited to participate in the exhibition.

About 100 different companies announced their participation in this year's exhibition. These are the leading domestic and foreign companies in the field of gardening, production of seedlings and planting material, goods and services for the landscape industry.


5. Corr. Will the exhibition have a business program?

N.K. The business program of the exhibition this year has already become a traditional seminar on growing seedlings and planting material, where listeners will be able to learn about the latest breeding innovations and technologies in the production and use of seedlings and planting material, as well as master classes on the use of modern perennials in container compositions.

Within the framework of the exhibition, a competition is held for the best quality of seedlings and planting material.

6. Corr. How will the current exhibition "Moscow Green Week" differ from last year, how do you plan to interest the visitors of the exhibition?

N.K. At the exhibition, as well as in previous years, the most diverse assortment of seedlings and planting material will be presented, creating the feeling of a magnificent colorful holiday. Breeding and production companies will present their new products that have appeared in the year since the last exhibition. The exhibition attracts visitors not only by showing, but also by the opportunity to learn firsthand about the features of a particular variety, the advantages of new technologies, innovative solutions, materials and equipment. The possibility of direct communication between the seller and the buyer is a feature of any exhibition, and this is the most interesting moment of working at an exhibition.

7. Corr. How important is the Moscow Green Week exhibition for enterprises working in the field of goods and services for landscaping urban and suburban areas? What does it give the participants?

N.K. The composition of the participants speaks about the importance of this professional forum. Participating in the exhibition are the Moscow Housing and Utilities Department, which is responsible for landscaping and flower decoration of the capital, landscaping enterprises serving the most significant facilities in the capital, and most of the seedling producers in the Moscow region. Producers of planting material for trees and shrubs, perennial flower crops from various regions of Russia.


8. Corr. Nadezhda Konstantinovna, this will be the seventh exhibition "Moscow Green Week". How do you assess the past exhibitions and in what direction are you moving?

N.K. This year, the Moscow Green Week exhibition is held at the same time and on the same site as the Protected Soil of Russia exhibition. Specialists and managers of vegetable growing enterprises from all regions of Russia, each of which grows flower seedlings in one way or another, will also become visitors to the Moscow Green Week exhibition.

The exhibition is increasingly becoming a necessary specialized platform for the development of this sector of floriculture and gardening, in demand both by professionals and amateur flower growers, for whom flowers are not only a hobby, but also a lifestyle.

9. Corr. Preparations for the Moscow Green Week exhibition took place in a crisis situation in the economy and in the industry, which, of course, complicates this work, how do you overcome these difficulties?

N.K. Preparations for this year's exhibition were more intense than in the previous year. Enterprises are fully aware of the consequences of the crisis. The crisis, of course, affected the sales of seedlings and planting material. The sector of large plants turned out to be the most vulnerable. The motivation for exhibitors at any exhibition is a high-quality composition of visitors. The Moscow Green Week exhibition is no exception. We, as organizers of the exhibition, concentrated our efforts not only on the formation of the list of participants, but also on the invitation of business people, potential consumers of seedlings and planting material. And we hope that the exhibition will meet the expectations of all its participants.

Schizanthus Vizeton
Schizanthus Vizeton

Schizanthus Vizeton

10. Corr. How do you assess the development of the Russian planting material market? What are its trends and prospects?

N.K. The market of planting material for ornamental plants, trees and shrubs in recent years in Russia has been intensively developing both in terms of sales and assortment. New varieties of well-known crops appear on the market every year, excellent in decorative, biological and economic qualities. Just as the rhythm of our life with you is accelerating, the life cycle of plants is also accelerating. Increasingly high decorativeness, foliage, flowering, early and super-early summer varieties, express perennials, etc. - this is the direction in which selection is developing today and, accordingly, the modern consumer taste is formed. The market for seedlings and planting material of ornamental crops will continue to develop. Moreover, this is the floriculture sector where the final product is offered to the market by domestic producers to a greater extent.

11. Corr. What would you like to say, addressing on the eve of the exhibition opening to the professionals working in the field of gardening, growing and caring for seedlings and planting material of flower and ornamental crops?

N.K. We invite you to the exhibition. A warm welcome awaits you. Professional communication. New knowledge. New ideas.

Corr. Nadezhda Konstantinovna, thank you very much for the meeting. We wish you and all the participants of the exhibition successful and pleasant work, and to all our cities and towns - more embodied interesting flower projects that create coziness and comfort of our life!

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