IPM Exhibition In Essen (Germany)

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IPM Exhibition In Essen (Germany)
IPM Exhibition In Essen (Germany)

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Exhibition IPM Essen (International, Planzenmesse- Essen) is the main European forum for the green industry. This year the exhibition was held for the first time from Tuesday to Friday, from 26 to 29 January. She confirmed once again that Germany is an important consumer market for flowers and plants. 1511 exhibitors took part in it - 64 more than last year. Participants from 43 countries had the opportunity to announce their new products, advanced technologies and services.


The Belgian exposition broke a kind of record with 29 azalea growing companies. Azalea is a signature Belgian ornamental crop with an ever-growing number of growers. About 480 sq. m of the Belgian exposition was occupied by manufacturers of planting material for rhododendrons, laurel, forest species and hedges. Ornamental deciduous and flowering potted plants, chrysanthemums from the Zen company were also presented.


The consolidated Danish stand brought together about 200 trading companies. There were guided tours for journalists and a continuous show of Danish news on the cutting edge of the industry. The internationally renowned professional stylists and artists of the Floradania agency have organized an inspiring floral show. Princess Benedict of Denmark presented the Ver-Floradania Innovation Award in three nominations.


The French exposition included two directions. In one room were presented producers of cuttings, roses, fruit plants and bamboo, in the other - producers of seeds, cyclamens, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums and flowers in glass.

Great Britain

Following the UK's success at IPM last year, the number of exhibitors at the booth has grown significantly, especially in the horticulture sector, for which a wide range of innovative solutions have been offered. The exposition was decorated with new varieties of English roses, a large selection of woody plants for the garden - spruce, standard trees. None of the participants showed such a huge number of brands, new selection, accessories for garden care, non-chemical plant protection products, including pheromones.



The Italian consolidated stand occupied more than 4000 square meters and brought together more than 90 companies. Italian nurseries presented seedlings in one pavilion, garden technologies in another, acidophilic plants traditional for Italy, primarily camellias, azaleas, encianthuses, hydrangeas, holly, calmias, leucotoe, rhododendrons, osmanthuses, pteris, in the third. The Ligurian region brought aromatic plants of various sizes, Mediterranean trees and shrubs, daisies. Nurseries from Tuscany advertised their full range of products: conifers, magnolias, abelias, euonymus, boxwood, privet, pittosporums, viburnum, photinia, roses, and of course olive trees. One of the halls was set aside for expositions of Italian designers, handicraft products - vases and terracotta,garden decorations made of various materials - tiles, marble, tuff, wood, metal and ceramics. On the display one could see statues, fountains, tables, chairs of world famous Italian design.


Top growers from Japan showcased delicious cut flowers, pot plants, orchids and traditional Japanese bonsai. Visitors to the pavilion found what they were looking for here: the latest technology in harmony with rich Japanese culture.


A joint stand under the auspices of the Dutch Florists' Association presented 56 manufacturers and exporters of a variety of plant products, from aquatic plants to woody crops. Despite the economic crisis, exports of Dutch products to Germany have grown compared to last year. The new advertising concept sounded like this: "Flowers in your life", implying greening of cities, the multifunctional use of plants, taking into account their ecological, social and economic value.


The Polish Pavilion was organized by the Agencja Promocji Zielni agency, which presented the best producers of trees, shrubs and perennials. Polish nurseries grow 220 different varieties of clematis, magnolias and conifers. Blueberry is an important crop.



The Spanish export association "Ferex" has focused on Mediterranean plants at its 1,000 meter stand. New palms with increased resistance to cold, high quality houseplants, cut flowers, including proteas grown in the Canary Islands, were shown. Decorative floriculture in Spain is constantly improving the quality and range of products.


The Hungarian exposition occupied 120 square meters, which housed 8 leading producers of trees, shrubs, cuttings and seeds. The summary of the Hungarian Ornamental Plants Association contained information on several hundred more ornamental plant nurseries.


Despite the fact that the industry in the United States has suffered considerable damage in recent years due to the economic situation and weather conditions, 10 companies came to the exhibition, mainly from the southern states. They showed the products of such industries as nursery, open field floriculture, ground cover plants, and hydroculture.

65 nominees competed in the traditional "New Products Showcase". Five of them were awarded by the Minister of Economy and State of Germany Ilse Aigner:

In the category "Container and balcony plants" the winner was the hybrid petunia " Pretty Mutch Picasso" for a very unusual color combination.

In the Flowering Indoor Plants category - the Masdevallia Bellavallia orchid hybrid, an exceptional phenomenon among orchids, with unusual, large flowers and a long flowering period.


In the Pot Plants category, the award was given to the creeping " Sunset" (" Juncopps") (Coprosma repens "Sunset"), named for the unusual leaf texture of a mirror plant that will enrich containers, terraces and balconies.

In the category "Perennials" - Arends' saxifrage " Touran Large White" (Saxifraga x arendsii "Touran Large White") for exceptionally large flowers.

In the category "Woody plants" Korean fir " Kohouts Icebraker" (Abies koreana "Kohouts Icebraker") for year-round decorativeness, frost resistance, suitability for container growing.

An entire floor of the exhibition was allocated for the floristry exposition. There are stands of famous designers and firms, manufacturers of floral accessories and flower packaging. German and international experts presented new trends and practical solutions for daily use. Master Florist Manfred Hoffman showcased trendy bouquets and flower arrangements for the family. Among them were shown a bouquet for a mother with tulips, roses and buttercups, a small children's bouquet.


Luxurious compositions in oriental style were created by Bjorn Kroner, who is preparing to perform at the World Floristry Championship in Shanghai from Germany: jewelry work "Oriental Pearl", table composition "Green Tea for Two", and fantasy on the theme "Flowers in the East".

The flaming colors of Latin America were presented by the Floristic Art of Brazil show, which featured floral arrangements made from exotic materials, including processed fruits and nuts.

Elisabeth Schonemann has been named the 2010 debutant and has been nominated for participation in the EuroFleurs international competition for young florists.

The exhibition was attended by 57168 guests from all over the world. According to organizers, the largest number of visitors was interested in plants (69%), technologies (33%), sales promotion methods (22%). 32% said that the exhibition helped to make a purchasing decision, 36% received the necessary advice.

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