April First. Piggy Bank Of Humor GreenInfo

April First. Piggy Bank Of Humor GreenInfo
April First. Piggy Bank Of Humor GreenInfo

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The first month of spring - March this year is not at all like the beginning of spring. The Snow Queen froze us, zapurzhil-zavuzhila and stubbornly does not want to give up their positions. Let's help the sun to melt the snow in the fields and ice in the eyes with warm smiles and ringing laughter, because today is the First of April! Congratulations!

Let it be called April Fools' Day, it is dearer to us called April Fool's Day. Although in ancient times, calling a person a fool did not mean offending him. That was the name of the joker, the jester, the holy fool. And they, as you know, were treated in a special way - the holy fools were allowed to make fun of the monarch for which other people were awaiting execution.

April Fool's Day is considered an unofficial holiday; it is celebrated in different countries.

For example, in Europe, the tradition of April Fools' jokes and practical jokes appeared in the 16th century.

In 1564, in France, Charles IX issued a decree ordering to postpone the celebration of the New Year from April 1 to January 1. And they made fun of those who continued to celebrate the New Year on April 1, giving them empty gifts.

In Spain, the Festival of Laughter is celebrated on 28 December.

In Ukraine, in Odessa, the festival "Humorina" is held annually on April 1.

In Ancient Russia, April 1 was considered the Day of the awakening of the brownie. Our ancestors believed that for the winter, like many animals and spirits, he fell into hibernation and woke up only occasionally to do the necessary housework. The brownie slept exactly until the day when spring had already fully come into its own. And she came, according to the ancestors, not at all in March, but in April. After a long sleep, the brownie woke up hungry, and from this angry. So that he did not make trouble, but, on the contrary, put things in order in the house, he urgently needed to be fed and cheered.

As an offering to the Spirit of the House, they offered bread, milk, various cereals, and in order to cheer him up, they organized festivities, jokes, they did not make fun of each other - they would turn their clothes inside out, then put on different shoes …

But these jokes were harmless, without intent to offend or humiliate anyone. Moreover, they were, so to speak, not large-scale.

We need examples of large-scale draws - please!

Moscow, 1703. "An unheard-of performance".

Heralds walked the streets of the capital and invited everyone to attend the "unheard of performance". There was no end of the audience. But when the curtain opened at the appointed hour, the people gathered for the spectacle saw a banner on the stage with the inscription: "First April - don't trust anyone!" This "unheard of performance" ended.

Great Britain, 1957, reporting on the spaghetti tree.

The first report of spaghetti growing on trees was made as an April Fool's joke on the BBC's Panorama TV program in 1957, which described the unusually rich spaghetti crop in Ticino due to the mild winter and the “virtual disappearance of spaghetti weevils”. Switzerland.

At the end of the report, a discussion was held about the successes of spaghetti breeders, thanks to which the quality and optimal length of spaghetti are achieved.

Additional weight was given to the reporting by the voiceover of the multi-generational British announcer Richard Dimbleby.

In the 1950s, pasta was not an everyday dish in the UK, but was known mainly as canned spaghetti in tomato sauce. This program, which was released directly on April 1st, was watched by approximately 8 million people, hundreds of whom called the next day and asked about breeding spaghetti and how they themselves can grow such a tree. The BBC is said to have advised them to "put the spaghetti sprouts in a jar of tomato sauce and hope for the best."

But not all of the calls to the BBC office were asking for a recipe for growing spaghetti. Many viewers from those who saw through and appreciated the subtle humor of British television, called the office of the television company, demanding a refutation of inaccurate information, claiming that spaghetti grows horizontally, and not vertically, as shown in the report.

That's how it happens!


Being directly related to the gardening theme, we bring to your attention the jokes of our Forum GreenInfo.ru

We publish the most ridiculous, curious and ridiculous messages from forum visitors, as well as ridiculous blunders of the editors of our portal. Here we deliberately do not edit the messages - both wrote and publish. If someone finds out his own, do not blame him, all the mistakes were made by you. On the forum we have to edit and clean them up. I'd like to see fewer annoying spelling and spelling mistakes. And do more funny stuff!)))

April 1 - I don't believe anyone! But believe me - everything that you read below is not fiction, but real questions asked to us on the Internet and by phone. Here, of course, not everything, but only the brightest and most remarkable.

The first message from which our piggy bank of humor began was this:

There is a tree … what to do ??? (the tree, apparently, was very … uh … "bad")))

And then - off we go. Visitors write, share their experience, discuss gardening problems, and we collect everything interesting and release a wall newspaper for the holidays))).



I would like to get the answer:

1. What are the beneficial trace elements contained in pomegranates ?.

2. What benefits do they bring to human health?


Hello! Dear Alexander, I answer both questions at once - there are zinc, iron and explosives in grenades! Very good for your health!


Please tell me. I bought a phalaenopsis with blooming 4 flowers. A week later, 2 flowers died, after 3 days the remaining ones. Will my flower die soon?


the girl asks:

I recently smoked Zamioculcas in a store, I do not know at all how to care for it and what to do with it.

Another question arises: DOES Zamiokulkas bloom?

the forum member asks:

smoked zamioculcas? Well, how, flooded ???

the girl answers:

oh it grows superbly for two weeks and has already started two stems!


Can Amaryllis make sounds?


I heard that if you bury a bush rose deeper, you get a ground cover. Does anyone know something about this?


Drosophila stuck to the entire ceiling in the kitchen, there are a lot in the bathroom, even in the refrigerator. There are no fruits and potatoes in the house. I constantly spray them with fly repellent and there is no sense. Maybe they are flying from the hood from the neighbors? Help with advice!


Do you have any prefabricated greenhouses on sale that are not heavy, so that a fragile woman of Balzac's age could drag her to the dacha without a car, something like Perchina, at least in three steps?



Quite often the question turns into a whole story. For example, in this:

"Hello! Someone brazenly eats my gerbera:(And no one is visible either on the leaves or in the soil. I bought a blooming one, bloomed normally, after that the old leaves began to turn yellow (they still have not fallen off, remained yellow-green, but whole), and the new Someone began to eat leaves immediately after emergence.That is, a new leaf begins to grow, clean, the next day it has already been bitten, then even more, as a result, about half a leaf remains, and this someone begins to gnaw the rest of the leaves (and does not touch the old ones) On the reverse side of the leaf, nothing is visible, on old (yellow) spots brown and white spots (small) are found in places. I watered with Topaz, sprayed with phytoverm. It didn't seem to help. Who is this? And what to do?"

Or this: “Hello! My plant Vanka Wet is four years old. All some kind of nondescript became, the leaves are flying around. A neighbor advised me to dig the plant and plant it again with its roots up, and break off the trunks with leaves and bury them in the ground. I did so, new shoots appeared, but I do not know what to do with the old roots, which now stick up.

Can I trim them? Please advise something."

Our operator-consultants are sometimes asked very interesting and unexpected questions by phone:

Call: Hello! I read somewhere, but I don't remember where, that for pollination a melon needs to pinch whips. Is it so?

Call: Hello! I am interested in how photosynthesis occurs in soil.

Conversation on the phone of our employee with a garden center consultant:

Green line: - Hello! Please tell me the parameters and cost of the Svetlitsa film.

Operator: - Do you need retail?

Green line: - Yes. Do you also have a wholesale? At what price and from how much bulk film?

Operator: - I just asked.


On the second day after buying the gardenia, the buds fall off, she was terribly upset, almost burst into tears. And now I read your messages and even somehow it became easier. A very whimsical plant.


Hello, yesterday my boyfriend and I bought me a gerbera hybrid decorative pot plant. How to take care of him?


kakji care for the palm tree mix


Good day! 2 months ago I bought a Persian cyclamen. He grew remarkably and bore flowers.


I have some kind of hybrid spurge.

My milkweed has a very thin stem at the bottom, but at the top of the usual size, there may be something wrong with it. One is normal, the other is hybrid. I'm afraid the stem will break from the weight of the leaves.


I have the second pakhira, all the trunks of the first rotted, and nothing can be done about it. Guys, if you start having problems with the trunks, don't worry and don't torment the tree! Too late! Tip: water in moderation, avoid hypothermia, and spray often, but not on the trunks! Good luck to all!


People, it's just horror, we have a cow parsnip penetrated on our site, it grows under apple trees, how best to make a stain for it so that it will die and not grow anymore! ??????? Describe everything in detail! Impossible! Growing worse than dill! Enslaved everything!


Good afternoon everyone,))))) I bought myself a gerbera, ooooooochen liked the plant, I love it! and, oh, horror, I have withered one flower (there were three in all). what should I do !!!!!!!! help please, I will be very grateful to you.


When should you hide grapes?


I was presented with a home thuja flower, please tell me how to care for it?


Hello, three flowers died at once:

1.ceclamene. I bought it in a store, it was already transplanted, it had flowers. He died about a week after purchase. Now there are only roots and the stems stick out a little. I closed it with a jar, I water it every two or three days. I don't see any results yet. I bought about three months. back.

2. Memonanthus. Stood about six months, dried up. It was not possible to rehabilitate. I covered it with a jar, the stalk sticks out but does not help.

3. Christmas star. Presented for the new year. After Christmas, he threw off the leaves.

All pots are in a dark place, covered with a jar, I water every 2-3 days.

Please help, please.


Can charcoal be made at home (for example, burn matches?)


I treated the soil with photofluorosis, changed the soil (soil for the palm tree) and spilled it with trichosporin (kazhezzo, I don't remember exactly the name), but so far no improvement.


Good afternoon, there is such a situation, I planted a tangerine, nurtured and cherished it, then smooth green fruits appeared, then dark green stripes began to appear on them, as a result, after a couple of months I realized that these were watermelons, only small, although I remember myself, that he was planting a tangerine seed. Who knows how this could have happened?


I have a big echinocactus and little problems!


Here's how I got rid of this stuff in an orchid - I took out a flower from a pot, and a pot of earth in the microwave just a little bit - there are no more fruit flies!


Hello. I got a job. Now I have a hibiscus in my office. And he is so poor !!! He has a terrible form of leaves on only one side, turn yellow. And in the ground there are small lumps. According to the stories of an employee, he does not grow at all and no one has ever seen his flowers.

Help save the plant !!!!))) I don't even know where to start


Hello! I bought a hibiscus yesterday and started examining it today. And near the roots there was a cobweb and a spider with a red bottom (I don’t know who it is). Don’t know what to do? help please !!


beetle, about five mm long. the front is green. elytra yellow-brown. timid. flies well. completely overpowered. ate flowers and leaves. help, what is this beetle and how to poison it?




I have a hairy palm tree.


The orchid does not bloom. Help it bloom.


Hello. My croton's stem is gradually drying out.


In February 2010, she gave her husband a nalina about 1 meter tall. Everything was wonderful, her husband was happy, Nalina is a beauty, we even gave her the name "Archibald Romanovich Tuzimbobel Marlinsky", abbreviated "Archik". We will love him madly … he became a member of our family. And apparently from great love for him, the husband decided not to let him die of thirst and poured water from the heart.

At first, they did not understand what was happening with our "Archik. Today my husband put on additional lighting - a lamp that will burn at us all day and night, if only it would help him. Tomorrow we are going to go buy a new pot, not deep but wide. Land for cacti or palm trees, Please advise how we can help Archik !!! ??? We are very worried … And we hope you can comfort us.


And for a snack - the scraps of the editors of our portal. We smile not only at the creativity of our visitors, but also laugh at our mistakes.

Two herons in a glass of water (read "drops").

  • Two tablespoons of vinegar essence (read "spoons").
  • Fertilizer for cacti (read "cacti").
  • Apply the drug "Caviar" (read "Spark").
  • Watering with hard water (read hard).
  • Ficus kakuchukonosy (read rubbery).
  • The reason for the wilting of peperomia is the inevitable damage to horses during transplantation (read roots).
  • The plant grows in Ausralia (read - in Australia).

Come to us on GreenInfo! It's interesting and fun here!

And smile, Lord! Smile!

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