We Are Glad To Welcome You To Our New GreenInfo

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We Are Glad To Welcome You To Our New GreenInfo
We Are Glad To Welcome You To Our New GreenInfo
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Dear friends, dear partners and colleagues


We are glad to welcome you to our new GreenInfo! A large team of specialists worked on the new version of the portal: programmers and agronomists, designers and journalists, specialists in various fields of knowledge - they all put a lot of effort into creating this version. And now this long-awaited event happened - GreenInfo has been updated, it has changed not only its design, but also significantly replenished with new useful and interesting information. The new version of GreenInfo allows you to work with greater convenience and pleasure, new opportunities have appeared, the portal has become more accessible for communication.

Additional service functions available in the new version of GreenInfo:

  • Alphabetical index of plants in sections
  • Search by plant names and their synonyms
  • Photo catalogs of varieties (Blueberry tall, Korean chrysanthemum)
  • User's personal account

By registering on the new GreenInfo, you get a personal space on the portal, where you can bookmark the materials you often work with; manage your GreenInfo subscriptions, fill out forms in our forums conveniently and quickly, and then much more.

New sections will appear on GreenInfo in the near future. What kind? You will find out very soon! For now, let's just say that the new GreenInfo will give you the opportunity not only to gain the necessary knowledge, but also to share your thoughts with the wide audience of our portal, to tell about your achievements and demonstrate them, and also just to relax. There are many interesting finds ahead that we want to offer you!

We would like to thank everyone who has been with us all these years, whose letters and calls have helped us create the second version of GreenInfo. We are glad to new friends, who are becoming more and more every day, we can see this by the steady growth of traffic to our resource, which means that we are not working in vain!

GreenInfo has changed, but it has remained true to itself - our principle is: scientific approach, fidelity to the topic, harmony and simplicity of presentation and constant search for new things!

Happy new GreenInfo! We will meet more often!

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