Drugs That Increase Resistance To Disease And Stress

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Drugs That Increase Resistance To Disease And Stress
Drugs That Increase Resistance To Disease And Stress

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Organic acid preparations: Immunocytophyte, Germination, Obereg, El-1

Created on the basis of arachidonic acid, the main property of which is to increase resistance to diseases, to a lesser extent - to adverse effects.


Immunocytophyte (DV - arachidonic acid) is effective against late blight, various types of scab, powdery mildew and other diseases. It is used in a concentration of 0.3 g / 2 l of water, the first spraying is carried out before the buds bloom, the second - after 20-30 days. You can soak seeds, process tubers and bulbs. After treatment, disease resistance remains for a month. It can be used in conjunction with insecticides, but not with biologicals.



Obereg, El-1, Prorostok

These drugs are similar in their properties and method of administration to Immunocytophyte.



Preparations from plant extracts: Zircon, Domotsvet

They give the activation of phytoimmunity, an increase in resistance to fungal diseases and an increase in root formation.




Zircon (DV - 0.1 g / l of hydroxycinnamic acids) is primarily a natural growth regulator, a powerful stimulator of root formation, an inducer of disease resistance, flowering and fruit formation. It increases the germination of seeds, even substandard ones, promotes the rooting of seedlings, cuttings, perennials, conifers. Reduces the rate of pesticides during joint treatments, accelerates the onset of flowering and slows down the aging of cut flowers when added to water (0.5 ml / 1 l).

Zircon initiates the flowering and bud formation phase. The budding process is much faster, the number of buds increases, for example, in a rose it is 2-3 times compared to the control and the buds appear 7-10 days earlier.

Treatment of seeds with Zircon and Albit sharply increases the percentage of their germination.

Differences between Epin and Zircon

Epin and Zircon
Epin and Zircon

Epin and Zircon


activator of germination of even substandard seeds,

  • powerful root former,
  • maturation accelerator (for 10-14 days),
  • removing the frequency of fruiting,
  • fast assimilation through the leaf apparatus and the root system.


immunomodulator and anti-stress adaptogen (protection against frost, excess moisture, pesticides),

  • reduces the content of nitrates, heavy metals, radionuclides in plants,
  • better absorbed through the leaf apparatus.

Frosts are expected - spray with Epin, for resuscitation - Zircon. Zircon is used to restore plants after stressful situations: drought, frost, disease, pest attacks. The day before transplanting, treat the seedlings with Epin on the leaves. The plant will be ready for the stress of transplanting. Application of Zircon after rooting leads to growth and branching of roots.

Epin can be used from the very beginning of plant growth until late autumn, and it is better not to use Zircon in the fall, it promotes the growth of roots and branches, and the plant already needs to prepare for winter.

Preparation of Zircon solutions:

1 ml / 10 l of water - spraying of vegetative plants;

  • 1 ml / 1 l of water - soaking cuttings (12-14 hours) and bulbs (for a day) before planting;
  • 1 ml / 5 l of water - spraying to accelerate flowering; with powdery mildew and other diseases;
  • 1 drop / 100 ml of water / 6-8 hours, for small seeds with a thin shell (like lettuce, petunia);
  • 2 drops / 100 ml water / 6-8 hours, for large seeds with thick skin (squash, pumpkin); old seeds are soaked up to 18 hours.

Drops are most conveniently measured with a 1-2 ml syringe.


Domotsvet (DV - 0.05 g / l of hydroxycinnamic acids) is a growth activator designed to improve the "health and quality of life" of pot and container crops in any period of plant growth. Domotsvet is an analogue of Zircon, with a reduced content of the active substance (2 times). As a stimulant of root formation, Domotsvet is not inferior to the standard of root formation - indole butyric acid (IBA). And in terms of such indicators as the length of roots and their number, it has the best effect on plants at a concentration 1000 times lower than that of BCI.

The drug improves the presentation and decorative qualities of plants. Spraying Korean chrysanthemums on the day of planting, then after 4 days improves their survival rate and accelerates flowering. Chrysanthemums bloom 1-2 weeks earlier. Additional 1-2 treatments with an interval of 10 days increase the number of inflorescences by 3 times.

The drug increases the resistance of plants to stress. Treatment with the drug Domotsvet (1 ml / 5 l) on the eve of transportation prevents the loss of plants in a container and with an open root system. Domotsvet is compatible with micronutrient fertilizer Tsitovit, spraying plants with their mixture (Domotsvet 1ml + Tsitovit 3ml) / 10 l enhances the growth of aboveground mass, photosynthesis and plant immunity.

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