Symbiotic Preparations - Stimulants Of The Rhizosphere

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Symbiotic Preparations - Stimulants Of The Rhizosphere
Symbiotic Preparations - Stimulants Of The Rhizosphere
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Growth stimulants

  • Drugs that increase resistance to disease and stress
  • Root system stimulants
  • Agat-25K, Agropon, Albit, Mitsefit, NV-101, Ribav-Extra, Symbionta, Emistim



    These are very interesting drugs, they help the plant enter into symbiosis (interaction) with the biota (the soil world rich in bacteria and fungi). At the beginning of the growing season, with active growth, the plant lacks phytohormones for normal development, and then, to eliminate this deficiency, the plant uses symbiosis with microorganisms, receiving phytohormone analogs from them and giving them in return nutrients released from the roots. Symbiotic drugs help in this process. Such treatments are especially useful at the beginning of the growing season, when the plant's need for stimulants is especially high.

    Symbiotic preparations, stimulants of the rhizosphere can be called lifeguards, and not only for plant life, but also for people.

    In the 50s, Comrade Stalin gave the order to plant protective forest belts in the steppe. But the forest trees in the steppe did not want to live in any way, despite the enormous efforts of agronomists and even the instructions of Comrade T.D. Lysenko. Everyone knows how formidable and merciless the leader was when his orders were not carried out. The microbiologist Fanya Yurievna Geltser helped everyone out, who studied growth stimulants, including symbiotic mushrooms. She developed a technique for mycorrhization of the seeds of tree species and oak acorns and, lo and behold, she grew not just forest plantations, but a whole forest, for which she was awarded the Order of Lenin.

    Agate-25K (DV - extract of the culture fluid of Pseudomonas aureofaciens H-16 + macro- and microelements) increases seed germination, enhances the development of the root system.

    Agropon (DV extract of the culture liquid of the micromycete Cylindrocarpon magnusianum) is an activator of the plant's own symbionts, one of the most advanced plant growth regulators (PPP) of the new generation.

    Albit (D.V. - Bacillus megaterium and Pseudomonas aureofaciens + NPK + ME + BAS). It is an effective complex biological product with the properties of a fungicide, complex fertilizer, and a universal plant growth regulator.

    Mycefit is a biostimulator of plant growth with a broad spectrum of action, contains metabolic products of mycorrhizal fungi, an activator of the plant's own symbionts.

    HB-101, granules and solution
    HB-101, granules and solution

    HB-101, granules and solution

    HB-101 is an activator of the plant's own symbionts. It is recommended to apply it all season, starting from the stage of soil preparation and seed treatment. Can be used for trees, shrubs, vegetables, flowers in very small concentrations (1: 1000). The drug has a complex effect: it nourishes, regulates growth, activates the immune system, reduces the content of harmful substances and increases the number of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. Available in liquid and granular form.

    Before planting, spill the topsoil with HB-101 solution. Perform the procedure 1 time / week / 3 weeks. This will significantly increase the content of beneficial microorganisms in the soil. HB-101 has an unlimited shelf life, does not require special storage conditions. But use the diluted drug immediately. Seeds are soaked in a solution (1-2 drops / 1 l) immediately before planting, flower seeds - for 12 hours, cruciferous, salads, herbs - for 3 hours, bulbous and corms - for 30 minutes. Seedlings are abundantly watered with HB-101 solution 1 hour before planting in a greenhouse or in open ground. It is recommended to spray any plantings once a week with HB-101 solution throughout the growing season from germination to the moment of ripening. An excellent effect is provided by spraying the ovaries (1-2 drops / 1 l / 1 time per week),it is used to preserve cut flowers (2-3 drops / 1 l). HB-101 can be used with organic and chemical fertilizers, not with oil formulations and urea. But the greatest effect is achieved when using only one drug.

    Ribav Extra
    Ribav Extra

    Ribav Extra

    Ribav-Extra is a metabolic product of mycorrhizal fungi isolated from the roots of ginseng, contains a unique complex of natural amino acids with high biological activity in negligible doses, an analogue of the Symbiont preparation.

    The drug stimulates the development of the mycelium of beneficial fungi that are in symbiosis with plant roots, and the synthesis of phytohormones, which leads not only to an increase in the growth and development of the root system, but also to an increase in resistance to diseases and unfavorable environmental factors.

    It is best to use the drug twice, at the beginning of active growth, then as needed, based on the state of the plant and development conditions. It is especially useful at the beginning of plant development, when there is usually a lack of phytohormones in the roots.

    Preparation of Ribav-Extra solutions

    1 ml / 100 l of water - spraying of vegetative plants;

    • 1 ml / 10 l of water - soaking cuttings and roots of any planting material (1-12 hours), bulbs and corms (1-2 hours);
    • 1 ml / 10 l of water - root watering.

    The drug is compatible with any plant protection products, microelements enhance its effect.

    In fact, when you water the soil with rhizosphere stimulants, for example Ribav or HB-101, you stimulate soil formation in the rhizosphere zone, i.e. in the root zone.

    The use of phytoregulators when planting plants

    This should be the rule. Before planting, be sure to soak the plant to fill all water-carrying vessels, add small amounts of Kornerost or Heteroauxin (2-5 mg / l) to the soaking water. After planting and abundant watering at the beginning of growth, sprinkle with a solution of the Ribav-Extra preparation to eliminate the lack of phytohormones, sprinkle the crown with Domotsvet (or Zircon).

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