Mosses On The Lawn

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Mosses On The Lawn
Mosses On The Lawn

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Mosses on the lawn are not uncommon. By themselves, they can not harm the lawn in the least. A strong, healthy lawn displaces these delicate creatures with ease. However, where the lawn has weakened or died for any reason, mosses take up the vacant space. Moss is a great indicator of problems. Too dense soil, too low mowing, lack or excess of fertilizer, suboptimal lighting - this is not a complete list of reasons leading to the fact that the lawn gives way to moss. It is especially noticeable in late autumn, when moisture is abundant, and the lawn is already "dormant" before winter rest. It is very important to carefully examine your lawn before the onset of winter and mark the places where moss occurs.These potential problem areas should receive special attention next year. Something else can be done this season: determine the level of soil acidity, aerate (pierce) the lawn, sand. In any case, it is important to remember that fighting moss is not an end in itself. The main task is to correctly determine and eliminate the cause of its appearance.

Lawn Sand Recipe - Lawn Moss Control (Dawson)

20 parts of dry fine sieved sand, 3 parts of ammonium sulfate and

1 part of anhydrous ferrous sulfate.

You can look for anhydrous ferrous sulfate in a chemical reagent store or make it yourself by drying ferrous sulfate over low heat until it is light gray, and then grind it to a powdery state. All components should be mixed well. Always store ready-made "lawn sand" in a dry place. Spread "over dew" in the amount of 150 g / m 2 3-4 times per season.

Dmitry Lyanguzov

(Based on materials from the "Stylish Garden" magazine, No. 11, 2004)

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