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Lawn In Winter
Lawn In Winter

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In the life of the lawn, as in the life of a person, various problems can arise. More often than not, you just need to help slightly, support your "friend", and he will have enough strength to fight back all adversity and misfortune. Be sure to make friends with your lawn and it will more than repay you for your attention.

Before establishing a stable snow cover, you need to check whether everything has been done in order to save you from unnecessary problems in the spring. First of all, remember that the lawn will winter better if it is mown. There is an opinion that old grass protects the roots from frost. We can partly agree with this when it comes to a sparse, weakened lawn. A good, dense lawn does not need additional frost protection. But the harm from unmown grass is much more obvious than the benefit.

Numerous fungi settle on the dying grass, which are the cause of infectious diseases. New grass under the canopy of old, dead grass will develop much more slowly. In addition, unmown grass is an excellent shelter for mice. Therefore, do not let the grass go under the snow too high. The usual height of the grass is no more than 6-10 cm. Before the snow falls completely, you should remove debris, fallen leaves, mowed grass from the surface of the lawn. This is done not only for the sake of beauty, but is also an important preventive measure against infectious diseases.

Even in late autumn, fertilizing with mineral fertilizers can be carried out. The introduction of phosphorus-potassium fertilizers has a positive effect on the overwintering of the lawn. Such feeding can be carried out at any time before the formation of a stable snow cover, even after the onset of cold weather (the so-called “crust” fertilization). These fertilizers are recommended for any lawn - both young and mature, and solid, and not very.

It is useful to feed an adult, dense lawn with nitrogen fertilizers. Many people are afraid to apply nitrogen fertilization in the fall, but late autumn fertilization has a positive effect: the lawn winters better and begins to turn green earlier after the snow melts. An autumn fertilization of a weakened, sparse or young lawn with nitrogen fertilization does not give any effect.

Until the snow has completely settled, it is not too late to add lime or dolomite flour (10-15 kg / 100 m 2 once every two years), as well as carry out preventive treatment with fungicides against snow mold (for example, with a 0.3% solution of foundationol) …


It is very important to take measures against mice and moles in late autumn and early winter. These animals can cause extreme damage to the lawn. Mark on the lawn the places of their settlement and put poisoned baits into the holes. From moles, special sulfur checkers give a good effect. Be sure to do this in November - at other times, fighting mice and moles is much more difficult and much less effective.

A lawn covered with a snow blanket does not require worries. Problems can arise only in places trampled in the snow of paths and under heaps of dense snow formed during the clearing of paths. Ice on a lawn can bring a lot of troubles if deep thaws alternate with cold weather. Conventional ski poles can help in the fight against ice. Running with ski poles on the ice crust is useful not only for the lawn, but also for its owner. You can scatter a small amount of fertilizers (potassium chloride or carbamide) over the surface of the ice - the granules "burn" through the ice.

If you are really worried about the fate of the lawn, then winter is a great time to talk with experts, read specialized literature, and choose the necessary seeds and fertilizers in advance. It is very useful to draw up a work schedule for the next year so that everything is taken into account and nothing is forgotten.

Dmitry Lyanguzov

(Based on materials from the "Stylish Garden" magazine, No. 11, 2004)

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