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Splashing Milk

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A white flower garden is a classic. It is in all famous English gardens … The secret is that it is easier to create a monochrome white flower garden than a multi-colored composition with white …

Fragrant jasmine bushes

White as a symbol of light, kindness and purity is always different and always filled with a little more meaning than just color. He ennobles things, making them dressy and stylish or romantic. White accentuates the winter garden graphics and foams with flowering trees in the spring garden. White monochrome flower beds have become more popular than multi-colored mixborders with the addition of white, not only because there are many white plants, but also because combining white with other flowers is quite a challenge.

The insidiousness of this color is that in a white flower garden, various shades merge and the eye is able to distinguish only lighter and darker tones. Therefore, white is difficult to combine with other colors and use in nuanced compositions. And yet, only white plants are never used in white flower beds, delicately shading them with pink, blue, creamy yellow, silvery, light and dark greens.

White irises and poppies

White peonies, forget-me-nots and ground cover chrysalis look very romantic, heucheras will add splendor to the composition, and irises - structure
White peonies, forget-me-nots and ground cover chrysalis look very romantic, heucheras will add splendor to the composition, and irises - structure

White peonies, forget-me-nots, yaskolka, heucheras and irises

Brunner large-leaved will decorate a stylish garden
Brunner large-leaved will decorate a stylish garden

Brunner large-leaved

At modern garden exhibitions, white sets the tone for the exhibition, because the choice of white plants determines whether it is a modern fashion theme or a timeless classic. So here are some examples of how to create a themed white room or white flower garden in your garden.

A SHRUB MIXBORDER, planted by the fence, along the house or even along the lawn line, will require the least maintenance. The selection of white shrubs is huge. You can plant a spirea garden of successively flowering spiraea: Grefsheim gray spirea, Wangutta medium spirea, low (foreground plants) spiraea: Nippon and birch leaves, adding varieties of summer flowering Japanese spirea Albiflora and Shirobana (Shirobana inflorescences change color from pink to white). Background plants - common lilac, Boule de Neige viburnum, fragrant jasmine bushes 0– will be a magical flowering background, and the white-bordered foliage of the white turf Sibirica Variegata and Elegantissima, the crown jasmine Variegata will make the mixborder decorative not only during the flowering shrubs.

All summer will bloom the wrinkled rose Alba and the cinquefoil Abbotswood. Also, the heroes of the summer garden will be the tree hydrangea Anabelle (foreground of the flower garden) and varieties of panicle hydrangea (middle tier). If you plant flowering carpets of crocuses, chionodox, tulips, daffodils under the bushes, then the garden will be decorative all season and will require minimal maintenance - what else is needed in an eternal lack of time?

Spirea gray


White-flowering and white-bordered plants greatly decorate the SHADOW GARDEN, adding light to it. In the background of a white flower garden, you can plant a magnificent dicenter, Album and Bicolor aconite, cage-shaped loosestrife with drooping inflorescences, black cohosh, blue lobelia. The middle tier will be Astrantia, a graceful curly lily album. Irreplaceable in the shade are the white and pink varieties of Astilba Arends Washington, Rock & Roll, Sister Therese. The composition will be complemented by decorative foliage of blue textured leaves of the huge Siebold hosta Blue Angel or variegated host plants of the foreground - Patriot, Revolution, Ghost Spirit, Remember Me, white-bordered varieties of large-leaved brunner. The leaves with a silvery speck of the low sugar lungwort Mrs Moon, Cambridge Blue, Majeste, -spotted Beacon Silver and White Nancy look original.For contrast, be sure to add dark green foliage to your flower garden.

Veronica virginska, Anabelle


and Louis wormwood

The white room can also be made on a NATURAL AREA in a composition with BIRCH. The trick is to pick up white plants that will take out not only shade, but dry soil as well, because birches are very active in taking water from the soil. Against the background of white trunks on a carpet of ground cover flowering heart-leaved tiara, white-flowered spirea Vangutta, fieldfare, mountain ash, jasmine will bloom beautifully. Such a Central Russian white garden … To keep the composition beautiful after flowering, you can plant variegated white turf, Volzhanka dioecious bushes, add exquisite kupena hybrid Striatum, bright spots of variegated ground cover with decorative foliage.

A white flower garden always appears in the CLASSIC ROMANTIC GARDEN. It is built on a combination of shades of white, silver, pink and blue. An indispensable condition is the use of fragrant plants. To add splendor to the flower garden, you should choose white peonies, phloxes and monards. The vertical line will be emphasized by white and pink delphiniums. Foxgloves can be planted in the middle tier. Supplementary plants here can be blue-white milk-flowered bells, openwork gypsophila paniculata, oregano. Roses and lilies are classic romantic choices. In the foreground, you can plant delicate border geraniums, and oak sage Snow White and Fassen's catnip will give the composition a spicy aroma. The image of a romantic flower garden will be completed by the silvery foliage of Veronica Kolosova, Chiseta and Anaphalis.

Derain white


STYLISH white FLOWER is best built on contrasting combinations, including plants with an original bush shape and an expressive shape of inflorescences. If you want to be in line with trendy landscape trends, think about cereals. The vertical will be created by the reed grass Overdam, veronicastrum, liatris spikelet, graphic sandy elimus, clumps of long-term physostegy of the Virginian Alba. Here are a few more plants that are in fashion today: erythematosus, Virginia tradescantia, stonecrop prominent Autumn Charm, Mount Everest, Mont Blanc bows (today they are used in the most fashionable gardens in France and Holland). Pay attention to the original color of the foliage of the large-leaved Brunner Jack Frost (with white veins), the new varieties of Heuchera Saturn and Venus and the double flowers of the white Echinacea Coconut Lime. For contrast, you can use the purple color of sage, iris, tradescantia, geranium,veronica or purple-leaved plants. For example, geranium, black cohosh Brunette, stew Chocolate.

Chelsea 2007. Little curly lily, Siberian irises and gaura on the background of blooming viburnum
Chelsea 2007. Little curly lily, Siberian irises and gaura on the background of blooming viburnum

Tradescantia virginiana, leek, white roses, falaris and hosta Alba

Chelsea 2007

You can think of a lot of white rooms, because this color is appropriate in any garden style.

Lyudmila Belykh

Seasons magazine, November 2007

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