Jacques Delisle's Lessons

Jacques Delisle's Lessons
Jacques Delisle's Lessons
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Jacques Delisle
Jacques Delisle

Jacques Delisle, a French abbot and poet of the 18th century, became famous for putting his idea of ​​a harmonious garden into a poetic form in the poem "Gardens", where he simultaneously immortalized the estates of many famous people of that time and the landscape traditions of a number of countries.

Without any exaggeration, Jacques Delille's "Gardens" can be called a poetry textbook on landscape design, as it is now customary to call garden art. Delisle's advice, clothed in a vivid, imaginative form, sounds as relevant today as possible. Judge for yourself:

It is impossible in a small space

In a narrow frame, Place everything at once - gazebos, grottoes, castles, Chapels, pagodas … Trying to captivate everyone, Only condemnation will you evoke laughter.


Painfully familiar picture. On a small plot there is a "gentleman's set" of any self-respecting gardener: a pile of stones on the lawn, proudly called an alpine slide, a pond-galosh lined with stones and lined with plants, or even a fountain against the background of an outbuilding, not to mention the indispensable gazebos in two steps from the fence (no more space!), barbecue and other attributes of modern country life. How not to recall Jacques Delisle here again:

There were times when they tormented the earth

We tried, not accepting the beauty of nature, Level ravines, dig down hills and groves, Turn the entire area into a smooth platform.

Now it's the other way around! Full of courage

They make hillocks and dig ravines there, Where they have not been and should not be;

They want to create relief and scenic views.

But not to depict them either a hill or a log:

All this looks comical and pathetic.


Individual well-designed fragments in our gardens are not uncommon, but there are not so many gardens where all the elements are harmoniously combined with each other. It is much more correct to start arranging your garden with thinking about the concept as a whole: it is important to decide on a general style solution that would correspond to the surrounding landscape and the style of your home. It is equally important to divide the garden into separate zones: the front part, outbuildings, a vegetable garden with a garden, a recreation area, etc. Only after feeling the space as a whole, you will be able to adequately plan the garden, and buying what should be filled with it is the very last stage. True, he is the most interesting and that is why we so want to start with him. But after all, it never occurs to anyone to first go to a furniture store, buy various sofas and cabinets there, and only then think,where and how to place them in the apartment. With a garden, for some reason, the opposite is true. We come to the garden center, buy a little of everything, thinking that we will decide on the spot where and what to plant. The result of this approach is obvious.

Although all individually and skillfully created -

Know that the whole will be ridiculous and tasteless.


Our gardens are suffering from one more "disease". Their color scheme is generally restless. Color tension is good in a bouquet or in urban flower beds among gray skyscrapers, but in a private garden it is often inappropriate. Much, of course, depends on the character of the owner of the garden, but the diversity, the abundance of bright summer houses, patterned forging, colored plastic and marble do not allow us to see the main thing in the garden - the beauty of natural nature. This does not mean that it is necessary, for example, to abandon the letniki. But the most suitable place for them is balconies, terraces, a front area, but not the shore of a reservoir or rockery.

But you can't fix the landscape in small things, And decoration is a fruitless path.

After all, how sad are the gardens, where the flower beds are like patches, Where everything is drawn into even squares

Where is every little green corner

Combed so that you could not hide in it, Where there is no tree without a clipped branch

And the gazebos are the same as twins

Where paths are lined like a blueprint

And where you won't find a source without a vase, Where instead of poplars there are balls and pyramids, There is no landscape, but there are artificial views, And everywhere shepherdesses made of marble stand …

The path to a harmonious garden is not easy. And everyone has his own, it is only important to remember that the garden, in fact, is an ideal image of nature. The prototype of an abandoned paradise. And the famous French gardener of the 18th century Jacques Delisle helps us to understand this simple truth, whose poetic advice has not yet lost its relevance.

Based on materials from the magazine "Stylish Garden"

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