The Charm Of Personal Mistakes (Garden Of Moscow Artist Dmitry Alekseev)

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The Charm Of Personal Mistakes (Garden Of Moscow Artist Dmitry Alekseev)
The Charm Of Personal Mistakes (Garden Of Moscow Artist Dmitry Alekseev)

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Video: ALEKSEEV Dmitry TIKHONOVA Ekaterina Zagreb 2016 World Masters RR Main Class PLACE 5 2023, February

Each garden has its own history and background. Short or long, true or made up. There are many stories to tell about this garden, because everyone who comes here will definitely compose their own.

The guest here is not greeted by trees or architectural forms, but by images and allusions, reminiscences and quotes. Probably, it cannot be otherwise in the garden of the famous Moscow artist Dmitry Alekseev. His track record includes personal exhibitions in the Tretyakov Gallery and Manege, work on the films "A Lady's Visit", "The Shadow", "See Paris and Die", popular performances, interior projects for "The Housing Question". And the house of Dmitry and his wife Nina, longtime adherents of suburban life, seemed to descend from the pages of the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm …

You enter your garden like a fairy tale. A mossy rotunda with a secluded grotto, stone benches, antique sculptures … And this unexpected house, the architecture of which is typical for a medieval European town, but not for a summer cottage village near Moscow …

- We laid it down in the mid-nineties - in the midst of the "red brick" construction. Not long before that we had erected a whole gothic city for Mikhail Kozakov's film "Shadow", and I really liked its style. At that time, Russia really wanted Europe, so we decided to build such a house. While they were building, everyone was laughing at us. The neighbors even offered money so that we could remove this mess. The house did seem ugly. And then suddenly, in an instant, he became beautiful, and people reached out to us for advice. The whole village now calls it Shakespeare's, and five more similar houses have appeared nearby

And where did the garden begin?

- From a stone well in front of the entrance. It was my wife's birthday present. Roses grew around him.

When you came up with the house, did you already know what the garden would be like?

- No, we moved intuitively. First one was planned, then another, in the end we made a lot of mistakes.

For example?

- The most serious - the trees were planted very close to each other. While the seedlings were small, it seemed beautiful, but when they grew up … This year we had to remove a few, they grew too big.

- You have so many chestnuts.

- I love them very much. This is a very beautiful southern plant, and we wanted to create a “southern” story in the garden. Now we will build a gazebo, plant grapes around, which, as it turned out, grows well in our conditions.

Aren't you afraid of the difficulties of leaving?

- Oddly enough, no. It's like with roses. Everything turned out to be much easier than we were told. In addition, we did not have the task of making a garden design in the full sense of the word - with alpine slides, various plants. I like wild nature, neglect, mossiness. When plants are planted at random, and not inscribed in a general scheme: here is a pond, here is a path, and here magnolia is in bloom. This approach, in my opinion, kills the poetry of the garden. There is no feeling of naturalness when it is not clear where a person's hand touched and where not. I would like it to be like, for example, in Mikhailovsky. The coniferous alleys there have grown so much and so harmoniously blended into the surrounding landscape that it seems as if these trees have always grown here.

Did you use any ideas of Russian estates?

- For example, these benches were spotted in Mikhailovsky. True, they are rather Western European. But the Russian estate style absorbed and reworked so much! The Russian person does not copy, he always does it in his own way. Yes, a regular style, but next to it there are flower beds, glades, lakes, apple and cherry orchards, such a domesticated space. And our open spaces. Now we are going to build a veranda - modern, but in Russian style.

If you were building a house now, would you change something?

- I would definitely use the Russian theme, I made such a huge window-showcase in the house, bordered by platbands - it's very beautiful. We have just returned from Suzdal, I am impressed by these bright colors, shawls, platbands, powerful merchant fences. I don't understand why our architects don't use such a rich heritage. It seems to me that it is worth rephrasing all this in modern suburban architecture. Then the garden would have become a little different, with memories, Vrubel's, Musat's motives would have appeared in it - lilac bushes, huge beds of white peonies …

But so far in your garden you can see more of a commitment to the classical heritage. An antique bust and this woman's head, as if from an archaeological site. Where is she from?

- Real Russian stone-cutters worked for us. They cut boulders. And no one could move one huge stone. We didn’t know what to do with him, and the men offered to “cut the woman out”. I AM

agreed. And so she appeared. And my parents gave me an antique bust when I was still in art school.

And this mysterious rotunda?

- This is a very strange structure. Previously, instead of a roof, light fabrics hung there. But every time we put together a big lunch here, it always started to rain. I had to make a roof. True, it became damp under it. As an artist, I like the rotunda, it is romantic and fits perfectly into the style of a neglected garden, but drinking tea with friends is uncomfortable here. Only on very hot days is it good and cool in the rotunda.

- It is known that the interior is made by details. Does the same principle work in the garden?

- Yes of course. And as there is no one similar interior, there is not a single similar garden. The individuality of the owner is always read in it. What a person does himself may not always be skillful and beautiful, but this necessarily has a personal presence and the charm of his personal mistakes, the charm of life.

Do you spend a lot of time in the garden?

- Almost always here. Nina and I love to walk, in the fall we collect leaves and burn them. Remember how Stirlitz did it? This is such a special pastime. And we also have very beautiful fogs …

Only romance and nothing practical? And the vegetable garden?

- Sure. Cucumbers and tomatoes grow there. Nina even dreams of having a goat. There will be such a small-scale life.

But winter is coming. Is your gardening life continuing at this time of year?

- In winter, many guests come to us, including children. We are building real fortresses with loopholes and towers, filling a two-meter high hill.

And decorate the tree in the garden?

- We are hanging the illumination! In the house and on the street, all the trees are always in bulbs. In toys from different countries and candies. We also play in the garden. For us, the New Year is a whole action.

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Photo: Ekaterina Morgunova, Anna Bershadskaya

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