Green Lawn With Agricultural Products "Ecostyle"

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Green Lawn With Agricultural Products "Ecostyle"
Green Lawn With Agricultural Products "Ecostyle"

Video: Green Lawn With Agricultural Products "Ecostyle"

Video: Green Lawn With Agricultural Products "Ecostyle"
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ECOstyle is a leading European manufacturer of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, lawns, crop protection products and other products for professionals and hobby gardeners.

Ecostyle's preparations are flawless from an environmental point of view and have high efficiency, which has become possible due to the use of modern achievements in soil microbiology.

In the 90s of the last century, Ecostyle received the Richard Huberts Award for an innovative approach to the maintenance of football pitches and sports turf. The company has developed a special concept based on a variety of tests, which allows consistently obtaining flawless sports fields of the best quality for the same money as using mineral fertilizers.

As a result, the Dutch authorities were able to use natural, environmentally friendly products for landscaping, and lawn service companies received a number of significant advantages in the form of a tangible reduction in the labor intensity of the process. It was required to apply Ecostyle preparations only 2-3 times a year, the watering requirements were radically reduced, in most cases there was no need for regular mechanical aeration of the lawn. All these properties were achieved due to the use of soil microorganisms (bacteria and mycorrhizal fungi) in the composition of agricultural preparations, which take on a huge part of this work.

Currently, more than 50% of lawns in the Netherlands are grown using Ecostyle technologies, the company annually expands its presence on the market, which is the best confirmation of the efficiency and demand for its products.

The drugs are manufactured at the factories of the Neudorf company in Germany, and are sold on European markets under different trademarks:

  • Ecostyle ( - for the markets of the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Scandinavia;
  • «Neudorf» (Neudorff, - delivered on the markets of Germany, Austria, France and other countries.

Fertilizer "Gazon-AZ" (Gazon-Azet)

Fertilizer "Gazon-AZ" (Gazon-Azet)
Fertilizer "Gazon-AZ" (Gazon-Azet)

Specialized, 100% natural, granular organic fertilizer with soil microorganisms for lawns, NPK 9-3-5. Available in two standard sizes:

solid dark-colored granules of a cylindrical shape, with a diameter of 3.5 and a length of 3 to 9 mm (average length is 6 mm);

hard crumb of dark color, a ground version of the above granules. Used for online application in the Green zone.

After the first abundant watering, the fertilizer disintegrates to a powdery state and visually merges with the soil.

Fertilizer composition "Gazon-AZet":

  • Bactosol (organic mass obtained from soy flour as a result of a bacterial-enzymatic process);
  • feather flour;
  • bone flour;
  • stillage (obtained from sugar products);
  • seaweed meal;
  • soil microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).

Dolomite lime "AZ-kalk" (AZet-Kalk)

Dolomite lime "AZ-kalk" (AZet-Kalk)
Dolomite lime "AZ-kalk" (AZet-Kalk)

100% natural granulated dolomite lime with azotobacter bacteria. It is a hard round white granules with an average diameter of 4 mm (range 1-5 mm).

Composition of AZet-Kalk lime:

  • main active ingredient: more than 75% calcium carbonate (CaCO3);
  • 5.3 - 5.5% magnesium carbonate (MgCO3);
  • rock;
  • nitrogen-fixing bacteria Azotobacter.

"Terra Fertiel" (Terra Fertiel)

"Terra Fertiel" (Terra Fertiel)
"Terra Fertiel" (Terra Fertiel)

Microbiological soil activator. It is a hard granules of dark color of complex shape, 2-4 mm in size.

The composition of the Terra Fertiel soil activator:

Bactosol (organic mass obtained from soy flour as a result of a bacterial-enzymatic process);

cocoa husk;


natural bentonite;

natural limestone;

soil microorganisms (bacteria and fungi).

To maintain lawns, other organic fertilizers with soil microorganisms produced by the Ecostyle company are also used.

All offered agricultural products are compatible with professional mechanical fertilizer spreaders.

More details about the properties and advantages of the Ecostyle agro-products can be found on the website

The quality of Ecostyle products is confirmed by State certificates, as well as by the results of toxicological examination of fertilizers in a state-accredited laboratory of the Research Institute of Agriculture.


Bookmarking and maintenance of sports fields

In this area, Ecostyle's largest clients are the Bladel and Amersfoort communities, which unite the municipalities of towns and villages (in the Netherlands, sports fields are usually owned by these types of organizations).

In total, these two communities maintain 52 hectares of sports fields, which are maintained using the following fertilization patterns:

Fertilizer "Gazon-AZ". 600 kg per hectare (600 g / 10 m 2) in spring and 400-600 kg per hectare (400-600 g / 10 m 2) in summer. The exact dosage of the second application may vary depending on the soil fertility (normal / poor soils) and the mowing conditions (for example, with regular mowing, it is recommended to leave the mowed grass in the fields), which makes it possible to reduce fertilizer consumption.

These fertilizer dosages can be considered the minimum for a good result.

Dolomite lime "AZ-Kalk" with a bacterium azotobacter. When caring for lawn fields on soils with a normal structure and a pH of at least 5.5, lime is applied once a year at a dosage of 0.5-1 kg / 10 m 2 to prevent soil acidification, to maintain the required calcium level in it, good structure and activity of soil microorganisms.

Dosages of lime in the range of 0.5-1 kg / 10 m 2 are considered prophylactic and allow maintaining the pH of the soil and its structure in a stable state from year to year.

Annual application of lime has a positive effect on the biological health of the lawn, provides the lawn with a richer green color, inhibits the development of moss and the development of dandelions.

In cases where the pH is below 5.5, it is necessary to normalize the acidity of the soil, which requires an increase in the doses of lime in accordance with the instructions in the instructions for the preparation. Later, within 1-2 years, the acidity and structure of such soils returns to normal and the dosage of lime gradually decreases to prophylactic.

When laying and reconstructing lawn fields, AZ-Kalk lime is applied according to the instructions for the preparation.

The practical experience of specialists from the Bladel and Amersfoort communities on the use of AZ-Kalk lime on Dutch lawn fields showed that the average initial dosage of lime was 1-1.5 kg / 10 m 2, then within one to two years they dropped to 0, 5 kg / 10 m 2.

Lime begins to act very quickly and can be applied at any time of the year. It is recommended to do this in spring, simultaneously with the first application of organic fertilization.

Soil Activator "Terra Fertiel" is a high-tech microbiological preparation and is used when laying new fields, renovating old ones, as well as in the presence of serious soil problems. The drug allows almost instantly (in 1-2 weeks) to revive the activity of the soil and, in combination with organic fertilizer, change the color of the lawn grass to a rich green. When laying new fields, it stimulates the growth of all parts of the plant, and also provides it with protection from diseases.

After the completion of the field reconstruction, or in the case of serious problems with the soil (structure, composition) for the activation of soil microorganisms responsible for plant nutrition, the recommended dose is 0.5-1 kg / 10 m 2.

When laying a new field, the best results are obtained by a combination of standard dosages (1 kg / 10 m 2) of three preparations - an activator "Terra Fertiel", lawn fertilizer "Gazon-AZet" and lime "AZet-Kalk" (in the case of acidic soils, the dosage of lime is increased according to instructions).

Terra Fertiel is not a substitute for organic fertilizer.

Important note: Ecostyle preparations completely provide the lawn with nutrition, so the use of any other mineral fertilizers in the fields is not required.

It should also be noted that the conditions of each lawn field are individual - over time, after 1-2 years, dosages can be optimized based on data on the practical use of drugs.


Golf course bookmarking and maintenance

In this area, Flevo Green Support ( is the exclusive provider of Ecostyle solutions in the Netherlands, providing a full cycle of golf courses.

Currently, the company successfully serves about 15 courses using Ecostyle products, and also resells Gazon-AZ fertilizer for golf clubs under its own trademark Eco Green Aanzet.

The recommendations of Flevo Green Support in terms of dosage of Gazon-AZ fertilizer are as follows:

For Green and Pitch Zones

In the case of sandy (poor in organic matter) soils, the company applies the following fertilization scheme "Gazon-AZ":

for every 10 m 2 of the field, 800 g is applied in the spring, 600 g in the middle of summer and 600 g in the fall. In total, this is the standard dose recommended by the manufacturer, but with a modified application schedule.

For the Fairway zone

600 g / 10 m 2 in spring, to keep the grass green and healthy. The summer dose, depending on the customer's requirements for the zone, may not be applied.

For the Rough zone

Depending on the customer's requirements, either no fertilization is applied to this zone at all, or a single application in the spring at a dosage of 600 g / 10 m 2 is used in order to maintain the rich green color of the grass.

The use of lime and soil activator is generally similar to the experience of the Bladel and Amersfoort communities. The recommended pH range for lawn fields by Flevo Green Support is 5.5 - 6.

The use of Ecostyle fertilizers guarantees the highest result, a tangible reduction in labor intensity and overall costs for field maintenance !

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