Jacques Prevert's Wonderful Garden

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Jacques Prevert's Wonderful Garden
Jacques Prevert's Wonderful Garden
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Jacques Prevert (1900-1977) was born at the turn of the century in the suburbs of Paris. He disliked three things: school, the military, and the priest. The poet wrote many poems, both for children and sad, melancholic. Many of them were translated into Russian during the Khrushchev thaw. He has composed many songs, the most famous being “Les feuilles mortes” (“Dead Leaves…”). This is a poignant story in its light sadness and melancholy about a departed love. The song was very popular in the already distant romantic 50-60s of the last century, when popular singers sang and sang it in their own way, and also whistled all over France. But the most outstanding creation of Jacques Prevert is the film "Children of the Rayk", filmed according to his script.This film was recognized by a world jury of 600 specialists as the best film of the 20th century and by a special decision of UNESCO, among three more films, it was declared a world heritage of culture.

Prever and poetry, Prever and cinema, Prever and chanson … These themes have already become commonplace. I would like to touch on another, no less significant page in the life of this outstanding Frenchman - Jacques Prevert and his garden.


Jacques Prevert's garden is located in Saint Germain-des-Vaux near Port-Racine on Cap de la Hague, west of Cherbourg. Jacques first visited here in the 30s of the twentieth century and immediately fell in love with the amazing, albeit rather simple, local nature. His friend, the famous film director Alexander Trauner, bought a house nearby, and then brought Jacques here. It was, according to the poet, "his last refuge …".

Since 2004, the garden bears the honorary title "Wonderful Garden", which is awarded by the Ministry of Culture of France to the best gardens in the country.

There are many trees and rare shrubs in the garden planted by his many friends, such as the singer Yves Montand, the painter Picasso, the singer Juliet Greco, the actress and ballerina Ursula Vian, and others.

To understand that poet's garden, where real flowers, trees and bushes grow, of course, you must first try to understand the garden of words, phrases and verses of this poet. Yes Yes! That's right - a garden of poetry. Because Jacques Prévert was a skilful master of words and semantic nuances, he nurtured, grew new phrases and inserted them later into his works, like a gardener who grows his favorite plants and subsequently plants them in flower beds. Prever talked about why he does not place punctuation marks in his poems, does not rhyme them: “… I pour out a heap of words about what I want to say, what hurts my soul. Everyone decides for himself how all this should be read and pronounced."


So is his garden, it is slightly chaotic, beating out of landscape standards, since there are no usual solutions in it. Walking through the garden, along the path that pierces through it, begins to think … The garden of one path, the garden is like one long verse of a poet … You walk along it and read, you wanted to write you read the thoughts of a poet-gardener … but no, everyone perceives Jacques's garden in his own way … And you can also enter this garden from any place, and you will still feel its charm and appreciate the beauty … Just like his poetry. Jacques wrote as he spoke, which is why his poems are so beautiful and true. And his garden is natural in its simplicity and openness. A bright, cool river flows through a deep hollow, a path has been laid. It seems that all the plants found in the garden have always grown here, they are so harmoniously inscribed in the surrounding natural landscape. There is no deliberately pompous house here,Jacques' dwelling house is generally half a kilometer up the slope. You will see only a small house with an open veranda. There is no car access to this place, the parking lot is a few hundred meters away. Visitors come on foot and, according to the gardener and gardener Gerard Fusberti, "The garden is always open for those who seek here." Gerard Fusberti was Prevert's bosom friend, they practically did not part for the last 20 years of the poet's life. Gerard told me how the garden was created. It turns out that Jacques was very fond of walking along this hollow, along the stream. In general, he believed that the garden should be where it was created by nature, and not where man decided to lay it. The gardener only has to fix something in the plants, arrange places for friends to meet, organize paths for walking at any time of the year.Jacques Prevert was very fond of large, spreading plants, and considered giant Hunners to be magical plants. This plant simply fascinated him. He also adored sunflowers, as he liked to say "Van Gogh's sunflowers," and not Helianthus annuus, as an advanced florist-gardener would say.


The meadow, located in the middle of a garden next to a ruined 18th century mill, was a favorite picnic spot. The poet was a great lover of friendly companies, good wine and delicious food. “Dine on the grass, hurry! Sooner or later, she will eat you herself,”Jacques loved to repeat. An interesting scene happened on this occasion at the end of my visit. I was already bowing and taking the last pictures of Gerard, when he called me to a secluded place on the bank of the stream and said: "Look, that's what Jacques liked to drink!" There was a small spring below, and the water seemed pink. Naively, I even thought at first that it was a spring from which the wine was pouring. But it turned out that there were bottles with rosé wine at the bottom, and that the ideal temperature for this drink was just 14 degrees, and that is why Jacques had a kind of wine cellar here.On the open summer terrace, a bottle was immediately uncorked, the table was laid. In response to my words that I was drinking tea, as I was driving, I saw such an ironic look of a true Frenchman, whom they give only "Big Macs".

"Love is a cherry tree, life is its berry, and death is a bone"

Having been in Jacques Prevet's garden, you yourself become a poet … even if just a little …

“The leaves begin to die on the branches, they turn yellow, dry up … but with the last bit of strength, while there is still a green, young enthusiasm, they break off into their last desperate flight into the unknown … They whirl in the transparent autumn coolness of the air, turning over in jets, as if sides of the last rays of the sun in their life … they fall to the ground and die completely."


Let us try to imagine how a poet could tell a visitor about his garden. We will not sin against the truth, because all over the garden you can find here and there tablets with quotes from his poems about plants, flowers, birds and animals. There are also plaques with the names of the plants presented to Prever with the names of the donors. So, If brunner is on her own

the Gunner's from a friend of Trauner's.

We go deeper into the garden along a winding path and along the stream we go out to the sun-drenched meadow.

Behind the willow stream, glade

Behind the bridge is the pine Yves Montana.

To the right of the forest is a slope, derain, terracotta flowerpot, Igor Ustinov lisikhiton, which exactly matches

meconopsis slope

and yellow turf.

Let's paraphrase the famous poem by Jacques Prevert "How to catch a bird …" and get his ironic advice on how to make a beautiful garden:

It is necessary to portray a bench

And put a family on it.

Then draw the house and the sun

And open the window in the house.

Behind that window, a ray of sunshine

Like a magic key …

and so on until the flowers bloom in the flower bed.


Here are the impressions inspired by the sunlit clearing around the old mill:

Scarlet pelargonium, which …

Pot in which and which …

The stone opening in front of which …

Trimmed lawn and red bench

Here's a landscape idea from Jacques Prevert!

In front of Prever's house, there is a small front garden with apple trees and armfuls of large white daisy chamomile. The huge bushes of Norman blue-blue hydrangea are striking, which can smell so abundantly almost all summer only along the French shores of the Channel. Simple metal chairs are spread across the lawn. White wooden shutters create partial shade in a small two-story house. All the walls of the building are entwined with climbing roses, clematis and ivy. Jacques Prevert's study is a huge attic under a roof covering the entire plan of the house, a wooden floor made of rough planks, you can see the rafters under the ceiling, a large fireplace and a huge table littered with collages, paintings and books.

… The Japanese gladiolus flames on the bank of the stream, reflected in its cool waters, hurrying to the ocean, taking with them drops of morning dew and dead leaves. But only the fiery glare of flowers cannot be carried away, just as the memory of the poet can be washed off the paths of this garden.

Photo by Sergey Karepanov

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