My Green Tree Has Juicy-fresh Needles

My Green Tree Has Juicy-fresh Needles
My Green Tree Has Juicy-fresh Needles

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
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New Year for most people is the most sincere and desired holiday: fun, magical, mysterious - a holiday when everyone becomes children. This New Year's sacrament is contained in a beautiful Christmas tree, which, with its flickering radiance, can turn an ordinary room into a fairy kingdom.

I would like to believe that no one will go poaching into the forest for a New Year tree, but simply buy it. Note that large forest spruces have disappeared even from city squares, giving way to props.

The Christmas tree markets have already opened, and we will try to help you make a choice.

We will not call everyone to purchase artificial Christmas trees - sales statistics show that the demand for them is growing rapidly. And this is not so much due to the increased environmental awareness in society, but rather to the convenience and durability. Today, artificial Christmas trees have reached great perfection, and can combine botanical plausibility, and fiber-optic glow, and designer decoration.


But those who do not tolerate substitution, who want to feel the coniferous aroma of the New Year's holiday in their home, to awaken childhood memories associated with it, we invite you to the Christmas tree markets! We will buy up all the ate, without letting them die thrown in the snow on January 2 - they have already been cut down! They are grown in special nurseries and forestry and are part of the New Year commerce.

Among the cut spruces, you can find our native common spruce and imported fir. The spruce has a stronger coniferous aroma, the fir is puffier and thicker, less prone to shedding, it stands in the room longer, but it smells only when the needles are rubbed. Whichever one you choose, give her a warm welcome:

at the beginning, find a cooler place (5-10 °) - an entrance hall, a balcony, where let the tree “thaw” for 3-4 hours;

  • update the slice by a few centimeters before installing;
  • remove part of the bark at the bottom (about 5 cm);
  • install in wet sand with a depth of up to 20 cm or on a stand with a water tank as far as possible from heating appliances;
  • If possible, spray the needles, even better - put a humidifier next to it.
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    Here are some formulations for extending the life of the tree, which can be used neat or added to a bucket of sand:

    1. 1 tablet of aspirin and 4 teaspoons of sugar in 1 liter of water.
    2. Citric acid on the tip of a knife and a piece of crushed chalk in 1 liter of water.
    3. Any product designed to extend the life of cut flowers.

    Your tree will cheerfully stand until the old New Year, or even longer, but it will not give roots, no matter how some sellers promise you! Perennial wood cannot take root, and even coniferous cuttings are difficult to root!

    The needles smell of youthful strength.

    Oh, maybe they won't wither away?

    Oh, maybe a new root will sprout …

    now … right here …

    (Sasha Cherny, 1909)

    Not only indoor conditions, dry air and high temperatures are stressful for a forest visitor - even luxurious furnishings can be disastrous. If you use artificial snow, glitter varnish, spray paints in the decoration of the Christmas tree, overload it with heavy toys and other decorations, the tree will dry out and sag faster.

    Now about container firs. For zealous owners, the idea is attractive: use the plant as a New Year tree for 2-3 weeks, then plant it in the garden. So sellers often convince. In fact, these plants are also intended for temporary use, their only advantage is that they have roots, which means they can live longer in stressful indoor conditions.

    In the New Year's assortment of container "Christmas trees" you can find many different types of conifers, for example:

    Norway spruce (Picea abies)

    Spruce barbed "Colorado» (Picea pungens var. Glauca « Blue Colorado spruce»)

    Picea glauca "Konica» (Picea glauca «Conica»)

    Spruce Serb (Picea omorica)

    Fir Nordmann (Abies nordmanniana)


    cypress Lawson


    To begin with, the spruce is absolutely resistant and frost-hardy in our zone (but the Konik spruce will have to be shaded from spring burns), Nordmann's fir freezes to ground level, and Lawson's cypress trees, which are often found on sale, feel good in our country only in cool winter garden. Thus, in terms of winter hardiness, only ate would be suitable for planting in the garden, and then subject to a number of conditions:

    1. The temperature of the content is not higher than 10 degrees (you won't last long in such a room).
    2. High air humidity, constant spraying (what about Christmas tree decorations?).
    3. Moderate watering.
    4. Transplantation into nutrient soil and subsequent maintenance until spring in similar conditions (and not on a cold balcony or on the street, where the plant, awakened in the warmth, will inevitably die).
    5. Landing in open ground in spring.

    This method is available only to those who have a cold winter garden or an insulated balcony, but this is only in theory. In practice, ate does not tolerate the conditions of the winter garden, only cypress trees can be kept all year round in the winter garden or simply in a cool (up to +15 0) room. If you bought a cypress tree, after the holiday, wash it from the sparkles under a warm shower, transplant it into an appropriate coniferous substrate, water and spray 2 times a day.

    There are other conifers that can replace the Christmas tree and require the same conditions as the cypress - araucaria and cryptomeria, but they grow slowly and become bare from below with age. And they have an exotic look, not very similar to the usual Russian spruce.

    Araucaria heterophylla (Araucaria heterophylla)
    Araucaria heterophylla (Araucaria heterophylla)

    Araucaria heterophylla (Araucaria heterophylla)

    Azalea (Azalea)
    Azalea (Azalea)

    Azalea (Azalea)

    Another offer on the Christmas tree market is the winter planting of large trees - once and for life. This option is suitable for those who like to celebrate the New Year in the fresh air. Such a tree will, of course, be the most expensive - it will be much cheaper to hold round dances in the forest.


    There is also a way to save money, although it will bear fruit only by next year.

    Obeying the old Russian proverb "Prepare the sleigh in summer …", you can choose a future tree in spring, plant it on your site and not only take off the worry of buying a New Year tree every year, but also have the happiness of watching its growth and transformation. At the same time, the choice will expand significantly due to decorative forms, but we advise you to take into account their growth rate and size in adulthood. Here is a list of the most suitable candidates with a traditional conical or pyramidal crown shape:

    Norway spruce (Picea abies) - up to 30 m

    "Asrocona" - 3-4 m, with red cones;

    "Humilis" - compact pyramidal shape;

    Rothenhaus - up to 6 m

    Colorado spruce (Picea pungens) - up to 25 m

    "Blue Totem" - 3-4 m, blue, narrow pyramidal;

    "Hoopsii" - 10-12 m, bluish-white needles

    Serbian spruce (Picea omorica) -12-15 m

    "Nana" - up to 3-5 m

    Korean fir (Abies koreana) - 3-4 m

    "Silver Snow" - about 2 m

    Whichever tree you end up with, we wish it to bring joy to your home and make the cold winter holiday warm and cheerful!


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