Gifts With Flowers

Gifts With Flowers
Gifts With Flowers

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Very often flowers are only part or addition to a gift. They are able to create a special mood and create a bright festive atmosphere. What is the right way to present a gift with flowers?

If vessels are presented as a gift - cups, teapots, wine glasses, vases, etc., they are treated like vases, they are simply filled with flowers.

Very small bouquets are tied to especially valuable small gifts, for example, jewelry boxes, with graceful ribbon bows.

Flowers should be placed on top of a box with sweets or perfume.

If the gift is wrapped in gift wrapping (for example, garments or home textiles), then the flowers in the form of a one-sided bouquet should lie on top, also tied with a ribbon.

A gift with an unusual shape, which is difficult to pack, requires a special floral arrangement. For example, an umbrella with flowers tied to the handle will look great. You can also decorate a floor lamp or sconce with a bouquet.

Flowers can be put in a handbag or briefcase, be sure to open them slightly, in the form of a free flowing bouquet.

In all cases, ribbons are a necessary and obligatory part of the design of such a gift; they are selected strictly to match the bouquet. Ribbons vary in size: they can be wide or narrow, tied with a bow, or with dropped straight or curled ends. The number of colors can also vary. If you need to put a lush bouquet in a large kettle, then you can put one bright gladiolus on a box with a man's shirt, elegantly tying it with a ribbon of the same color.

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