Carnival Of Christmas Trees

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Carnival Of Christmas Trees
Carnival Of Christmas Trees
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Historians claim that the Christmas forest spruce has replaced the blossoming cherry tree. More than four centuries passed, and many began to give preference to artificial spruce. From green they turned into white, silvery, golden. A special trend in recent years is designer Christmas trees. The most unusual reds, blues and oranges appeared, standing on the floor or even suspended from the ceiling. We will not go to extremes and will try to make our hand-made fir trees more believable, and therefore we will leave the traditional green. And we will make two versions of Christmas trees - one for girls, in a ball gown, the other for boys, in the image of a kind wizard. We will make them from available floristic materials and decorate with small Christmas tree decorations, beads, cones, sweets.

Christmas tree in ball gown


At the heart of the composition is a cone cut from a gift bag 30 cm high, on which pieces of green, with gold, mesh, which imitates pine needles, are sequentially glued from bottom to top. They are interspersed with branches of an artificial bronze asparagus that resembles pine paws. All decorations - marbles, beads, small golden apples and cones, candies are attached with a glue gun. The image of a flirtatious girl at the New Year's ball is completed by the crown of a cone and a bow, turning into a red organza ribbon curling in a spiral like a serpentine.


Used materials

Gold stripe mesh (Korea)

  • Mini cones on a wire, golden (China)
  • Organza ribbon red (China)
  • Marbles AQUA (China)
  • Businki (Poland)
  • Golden apples on a wire (Poland)
  • Asparagus bronze (China)
  • Sweets (Russia)
  • Herringbone "Kind Wizard"


    The basis of this composition does not differ from the first. But to imitate the needles, squares of dark green felt and light green, with a gold pattern, organza rolled up with a cornet were used. The assembly is carried out from the bottom up. The crown remains open and, surrounded by gold beads, forms the wizard's cap. A large bead is suspended from it on a long gold cord, adding a slight asymmetric touch to the composition. Decorations - beads, lemon rings and chocolates are attached with a glue gun.

    Used materials

    Felt Galanet metal green (Netherlands)

    • Organza with a picture (China)
    • Gold beads (Poland)
    • Dried sliced ​​lemon (Netherlands)
    • Decorative golden cord (Germany)
    • Chocolate sweets (Russia)

    Well, and it turned out to be a real carnival of Christmas trees! We have them with character, animated. And how could it be otherwise, because they have invested not only the skill of manual labor, but also the soul!

    Oh, what an outfit the trees have!

    They are always green, They never drop

    their young needles

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