What's In My Heart?

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What's In My Heart?
What's In My Heart?

Video: What's In My Heart?

Video: What's In My Heart?
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Valentine's Day is already a presentiment of spring, when nature wakes up, innermost desires and hopes, cheerfulness and mischief! It is with such feelings that you should prepare a gift for your beloved for the holiday.


Remember, as a child, a small gift was hidden in a small box, and then packed in many wrappers and boxes - try it, get it! Remember this harmless fun and build such a riddle for your friend from a pile of beautiful gift boxes. In one place the confession written on the postcard, in the other - a selfies memorable for both of you, in the third, for example, a pebble with a hole found on the shore of the warm sea - a chicken god for good luck, or just a beautiful shell. Or maybe instead of these knick-knacks, you want to put other small gifts, favorite sweets and little welcome surprises there.

With a felt strawberry handbag (she's in trend this year), hint at the depth of your intentions. And most importantly - hide the ring in the case deeper or, on the contrary, leave it in the most conspicuous place. All this splendor is well placed on organza and sisal napkins, creating a play of textures. To top it off - so that they really believe you - put the brutal LOVE from the wooden decor. And at the top of the composition is an artificial bouquet of roses, which will keep the memory of this event for a long time.

All that is in my dear heart, All that I dream of loving, All the excitement of the feeling of the living -

All - for you, all, oh friend, for you!

(V. M. Golikov, 1900)

Materials for composition:

Organza-snow on a roll

  • Sisal mesh red
  • Non-woven tape with polka dots on red
  • Heart box
  • Circle box
  • Figurine "Angel
  • Wooden decor LOVE
  • Souvenir "Heart"
  • Decorative figurine "I love you"
  • Artificial flowers Bouquet of roses 25 cm,
  • Frame for a bouquet Heart with decor
  • Felt pots
  • Paper bag luxury heart