Hundred Scarlet Hearts For Your Beloved

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Hundred Scarlet Hearts For Your Beloved
Hundred Scarlet Hearts For Your Beloved

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According to statistics, more than 50% of Russians consider themselves to be in love, and more than 80% of young people celebrate Valentine's Day. Over the centuries of its history, it has turned into a romantic holiday for the expression of the most ardent feelings. Once upon a time, at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries, a friend was chosen on this day, starting a game like forfeits. The one whose name appeared on the sheet, which the gentleman pulled out of the basket, became his lady of the heart for a year, while maintaining an extremely chaste relationship. Today knightly times are a thing of the past, and young people choose their companions for a long time and carefully. Many strive on this symbolic day to outline the depth of their relationship or to decisively announce the upcoming wedding.

An indispensable symbol of Valentine's Day is the scarlet Valentine, today it is presented in a wide variety of versions. Now this is not only a card with hearts and a personal poetic dedication, but an incredible selection of charming little things that can melt the heart of your beloved. We are for stories with a happy ending, and therefore we decided to demonstrate how cute and exquisite you can propose to your beloved with the help of hundreds of scarlet hearts.


Imagine that you have invited a girl to celebrate Valentine's Day. Lay a red paper mesh runner on the table - it will be more original than any tablecloth. Assemble a composition of candles with hearts. Replace the traditional bouquet of flowers with an arrangement of tree branches adorned with tiny heart-shaped clothespins, and place it in a birch bark planter, secured with natural moss. It will be an echo of nature and antiquity, when this holiday was still pagan. And if you want - put instead a living myrtle - a symbol of Venus, the goddess of love, a traditional European wedding plant. Scatter medium-sized valentines made of cardboard, wood, rattan around, like pink petals. Finally, and most importantly, hide your gift in a heart-shaped box in the background, and on it make a precious ring shine in the candlelight in an ajar case.It remains a little to combine the whole composition with a curly ribbon made of organza and cotton with frivolous polka dots - and a surprise for the most coveted is ready!

Believe me, he is so eloquent that you can do without unnecessary words, saying only the most important. And remember: “Love is a priceless gift. This is the only thing that we can give, and yet it remains with you. " (L.N. Tolstoy).

Materials for composition:

Red paper mesh

  • Felt Korea Hearts 50 cm x 15 m red on white
  • Candle stump with hearts
  • Set of candles Scented hearts
  • Voluminous wicker rattan heart
  • Birch bark planter
  • Moss natural
  • Heart Box
  • Clothespin Heart
  • Cotton ribbon
  • Organza ribbon
  • Insert Heart
  • Set of candles Strawberry hearts
  • Basket made of felt "Heart"
  • Non-woven tape with polka dots on red
  • Decorative figurine "I love you"

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