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Valentine Joke
Valentine Joke

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Отличия серверных жестких дисков от десктопных
Video: BB Ki Vines- | Valentine's Week Hutiyapa | 2023, January

If you have an active girlfriend who lives at the height of fashion, constantly listens to music on headphones and constantly uses gadgets, we dare to assume that a simple bouquet of flowers or a Valentine bought in a nearby store will not impress her. We offer you something better - a handmade valentine joke. All materials for her can be purchased at the florist salon.

So, let's take a glass vase. We put in it a frame for a bouquet with decor (it is sold in the form of a finished form). We put a wicker pink rattan heart in it, decorate it with camellia flowers and arrange them casually around the “bouquet” in tiny glass vases. We complement the flowers with soft creamy light feathers to balance the heaviness of the frame. We tie an organza ribbon and add the most unexpected touch - colored vine balls on long antennae sticks. It turned out to be a little "cosmic" comic work. Well, does the image of your advanced, modern girlfriend, a girl of the XXI century remind you? She will love it!

Materials for composition

Frame for a bouquet Heart with decor

  • Ball of vine
  • Voluminous wicker rattan heart
  • Artificial flowers Camellia bouquet
  • Glass Vase Bee Filler
  • Glass vase Aurelia
  • Feathers colored

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