Composition Of Sweets "New Year's Topiary"

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Composition Of Sweets "New Year's Topiary"
Composition Of Sweets "New Year's Topiary"

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Video: Композиции из конфет. Букет из конфет. Подарок своими руками. Handmade compositions of sweets 2023, February

This man-made topiary tree resembles the standard myrtle - a plant that brings happiness to the house. An unusual composition is much more elegant than a usual candy bouquet, which, however, will make you work hard and show patience in your work.

To begin with, we place a piece of oasis in a wicker planter, in which we fix the stem of the future tree. We put an oasis ball on it and proceed to the decor.

We close the planter with corrugated metallized silver-white paper, put silver rhinestones on glue along the upper edge. Tightly wrap a silver finishing cord around the stem. We close the surface of the oasis in a pot with glue with white pebbles with rare glass beads and a couple of sweets in bright crimson wrappers tied with a thin silver-blue cord.

Now we start forming the "crown" of the future tree. We scatter bright sweets on the surface of the ball, tightly surrounded by pieces of corrugated metallized paper, which was used to decorate the pots. So they resemble the buds of fabulous flowers, which with their hot color are ready to melt the ice around. Place lumps of the same paper in some places. We alternate them with pine cones, covered with "hoarfrost", silver sprigs of eucalyptus, small Christmas tree decorations of blue and crimson color.

It remains to fill the space between the elements with cotton pads planted on needles, which successfully imitate snow, as well as small pieces of blue felt curled up with cornets, sticking out like thin pieces of ice. We complement the decor with blue and silver beads. We tie beautifully blue and blue satin ribbons under the ball.


The resulting topiary in blue hoarfrost will become the center of attention in the interior, make the decoration of the New Year's table unforgettably elegant, and maybe replace the New Year's tree. And on the windowsill it will be a great accent in a row of indoor plants.

And may he bring happiness to the house!


List of materials used

Wicker pots "Glass"

  • Oasis ball "Biosec" - 9 cm
  • Colored white ground 5-10 mm
  • Metallized corrugated paper with silver-blue, silver-crimson transition
  • Cotton pads
  • Felt blue
  • Silver finishing cord
  • Colored beads, blue, silver
  • Satin ribbon blue and light blue
  • Chocolate sweets
  • Pine cones in silver
  • Set of Christmas balls
  • Artificial eucalyptus branch, silver
  • Silver rhinestones stickers

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